Machine rental $110/day; mixes are additional as follows:

Delicious ice cream sundae!
Photo credit Emmeline Huntsman


Standard flavors (vanilla or chocolate) $26/bag. Each bag will make 100 – 4 ounce servings.* These mixes are made fresh locally. They are super creamy and delicious! Not that icy stuff you get some places with low quality powdered mixes! 


Standard flavors (vanilla, chocolate or strawberry) $42/case. Each case will make 160 – 4 ounce servings.* A great low fat option.


Pineapple, Mango, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry and Orange. This is the real deal! The same amazing treat you get at the Disney Resorts or the Dole Plantation in Oahu. Dole Whip is non-dairy and gluten free so it’s a great option for people with food allergies. Always a crowd pleaser! Dole Whip is $40/bag and each bag makes about 90 – 4 ounce servings.* Please note: this is a special order product so we may need extra time to order. 


Lots of Specialty Flavors are available. Pricing varies by flavor. If you have a flavor in mind please ask us – we can usually find it for you! These are highly concentrated flavored syrups that are added to either the ice cream or frozen yogurt mixes before putting it into the ice cream machine. So many fun flavors – and even colors – to choose from. You can match the flavor to your party theme or wedding colors! Please note: this is a special order product so please order one month prior to your event.

Dairy Free Options

Ice cream mix that’s dairy free? Absolutely! And it’s absolutely delicious too! Your guests will never know it’s dairy free unless you tell them. This is a very high quality powdered mix. All you do is add water, so it’s quick and easy. We provide a special mixing bucket and whisk to make the job even easier. This mix comes in Vanilla or Chocolate. It is $40/bag and each bag will make about 90 - 4 ounce servings.* Please note: this is a special-order product so we may need extra time to order. 

Cones and Toppings - all the extras!

Regular flat bottom cake cones - $15/box. 112 cones per box.

Sugar cones - $35/box. 200 cones per box.

Waffle Cones – $75/box. 192 cones per box.

Waffle Bowls - $45/box. 60 cones per box.

Junior Torch Cones (“mini cones”) - $50/box. 500 cones per box.

Sundae Cups - $20 for 240 count, 9-ounce clear plastic cups.


Toppings – approximately 64-ounce containers (serving size is approximately 1 ounce)

Hot Fudge - $32 (best served warm)

Chocolate Syrup - $27

Caramel Topping - $27

Strawberry Topping - $27

Pineapple Topping - $27

Spiced Apple Topping (new for fall 2018 and heavenly!) - $27

Cone Dip - warmer unit rental $25/day

Cone Dip Coating  (chocolate, cherry, blueberry, or butterscotch) - $25/can

* 4-ounce serving size is about the size of a regular cone at a fast food restaurant