Frequently Asked Questions

Taylor 152 soft serve ice cream machine. The best in the business!
Photo credit: Emmeline Huntsman

What kind of machines do you have?

Our machines are Taylor brand - the best in the business.  They are commercial machines, just a smaller version of what you are probably used to seeing in most restaurants.  

They are single flavor machines which means they have one spout on the front of the machine.  This enables you to enjoy all of the benefits of a quality, commercial machine (reliability, ease of use, fast freeze time, and most importantly superior taste and texture!) that you can plug in just about anywhere you have a good source of electricity (ie a 20 AMP circuit breaker with nothing else running on the same circuit). 

Do your machines do a "twist?"

No, our machines are single flavor, so one spout. The larger machines that can do a twist require 220 power (like for your dryer) so most venues cannot support them. Also, they are so big and heavy that transporting and moving them is extremely difficult. We carry the smaller machines so that you get the highest quality machine that you can actually plug in and use! If you want to serve more than one flavor you can simply rent additional machines.

What kind of power is needed?

Our machines plug into a standard outlet. Each machine needs a dedicated 20-amp circuit breaker. If you rent more than one machine, each machine will need to be on a separate breaker. You cannot have anything else plugged into the same breaker as the machine. Many breakers are wired to multiple outlets, so please keep that in mind. 

We recommend checking your power source before your event. Please call if you have any questions about power and we will try to help. We have done events at many of the local venues, so we may be able to advise you. We also include a 25-foot-long extension cord with each machine – please use ONLY the provided cord. Refunds will NOT be given for power problems, so please check ahead of time to ensure you will have the necessary power.

Can the machines be used outside?

YES! – we do outdoor events all the time. However, you MUST keep the machine out of direct sunlight at all times.  Also, please keep in mind that the machine will not be able to produce ice cream as quickly in warm temperatures. 

Many outdoor outlets are not capable of providing the needed power to run the machines. Please plan on plugging into an outlet that is inside the building. You can use the provided 25-foot long extension cord, but please use only the cord provided.

How long does it take for the ice cream to be ready to serve?

Because these are commercial machines they do not freeze in "batches."  The first time you add mix to the machine and start it up, you will have about a 10-15-minute delay before you are ready to serve.  After that there is no further delay.  Simply add more mix as it starts to run low and the machine will continue to produce ice cream all night long. There is even a low mix light on the machine that will give you some warning, so you don’t accidentally run out.

How many machines do I need for my event?

The machines can produce about 2 servings per minute. We have found in our experience that one machine can accommodate about 250 guests over a 2-hour period. If you are expecting more guests than that, if you need to serve them more quickly, or if you will be using the machine outside, you will want to consider renting two machines in order to keep up with the demand.

250 guests or fewer – One machine

300 – 500 guests – Two machines

We can accommodate larger groups with our six machines. Please call for assistance in determining how many machines you need for your event.

Pineapple Dole Whip enjoyed at a wedding reception. Perfect!
Photo Credit: Emmeline Huntsman

Do you deliver?

We do not deliver - you pick up and return the machines at our home which is in Kaysville - about 20 minutes north of Salt Lake City. 

Where do I pick up/return the machine?

You pick up and return the machines at our home which is in Kaysville - about 20 minutes north of Salt Lake City. 

What kind of vehicle do I need to transport the machine?

You will need an SUV, mini-van, pick-up truck, or similar size vehicle to transport the machine in - it will NOT fit in a regular car.  The machine must remain upright at all times, so you need something with a bit more clearance.  

How big are these machines?

The machines are counter-top style so they aren’t very big but they are quite heavy.

Machine dimensions: about 18 inches wide X 27 inches deep X 30 inches tall.

Weight: about 220 pounds

You are required to bring someone with you to pick up and return the machines, they cannot be loaded by just one person.

We include a heavy duty rolling cart with each machine. We recommend taking the cart with you if you can fit it in your vehicle. It makes moving the machine much easier! You can even serve right from the cart if you want to.

When do I pick up/return the machine?

Our standard pick up time is 10 am (or later) on the day of your event and the machine is due back between 8:00 - 8:30 am the following morning.  

We will be as flexible with those times as the schedule will allow but those are our standard times in case we are completely booked. 

Saturday rentals aren't due back until Monday morning between 8-8:30 am. 

When you make a reservation, we will set up a specific pick up and return appointment time. We do our appointments in half-hour windows.

Please call or email if you have any concerns about picking up and returning the machines.

Are the machines hard to operate?

The machines are very easy to use! We show you how to do it when you come pick up and we also include step by step written instructions in case you need to refer back to them or if someone else is helping at the event.  Set up and clean up take just a few minutes.

You will be ready to serve in about 15 minutes!

The groom takes a break for some Dole Whip with fresh strawberries. 
Photo Credit: Emmeline Huntsman

Do I need to clean the machine before I return it?

Yes, you need to clean the machine before you return it. It is very simple to do and only takes a few minutes! We ask that you run water through the machine and wipe up any spills and drips when you are through using it. We include a bucket to make it easy! You just need access to a clean water source and a drain to discard the dirty water. Do NOT take the machine apart for any reason! We do all of that for you.

Are your machines sanitized?

Absolutely!! We sanitize every machine right before you pick it up so that we know it has been properly cleaned and is ready for use. 

How do I make a reservation?

Please call or email Ann @ 801-725-6466 or to make a reservation. Reservations are first come, first serve. We typically book out every weekend all summer, so we suggest reserving your date as soon as possible. 

We will ask for your name, billing address, cell phone number and email address.

Reservations are not final until the non-refundable deposit has been paid.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. We ask for half of the machine rental fee ($55 per machine) up-front for a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. We can take any credit card over the phone or we can invoice you through PayPal, whichever you prefer.

We also require that you leave a credit card number on file with us for security purposes during the rental period.


Payment in full is due at the time of pick up or before. We accept all credit cards and/or cash.

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellations within 14 days of your reserved date will be charged in full including any and all food products ordered.

Cancellations more than 14 days prior to your reserved date will forfeit the deposit and payment will be required for the full cost of any specialty food products ordered.

All food sales are final.

Do you have any dairy free or gluten free options?

Yes! We have a couple of options.

Dairy free ice cream is available with our Frostline mix. It’s so creamy and good no one will ever know it’s dairy free!

Gluten free and dairy free Dole Whip is also available in several flavors. Dole Whip is always a crowd pleaser!